Who is eligible?

The Memorial Scholarship is open to all seniors graduating from Hamilton Wenham Regional High School.

Do I need to be a resident of Hamilton or Wenham?

No. Scholarship is not based on where you live. You need to be a graduating senior from Hamilton Wenham Regional High School.

How can I apply for the Scholarship?

A student cannot apply directly for this scholarship. Students are nominated by a selection committee comprised of the principal, educators, and advisors. The committee will consider seniors whose accomplished record of performance in academics, the arts, athletics or other co-curricular activity is complemented by the energy and passion with which they encourage others in the Hamilton Wenham school community.

Do you have to have excellent grades?

All recipients must be in good standing with their school. Excellent grades are expected but not mandatory. The committee will consider students who have made a commitment to steady and consistent improvement, and adventurous students who take chances in their own education, stretching themselves to improve their learning experience.

What does “accomplished” mean?

The selection committee will be looking for students who have achieved an accomplished record of performance in a chosen field of interest. While many programs reflect personal interests that are often above and beyond the requirements for graduation, they serve to enrich the educational experience for the student as well as the entire school community. Excellence is a worthy pursuit both inside and outside of the classroom. Balancing the challenges to this pursuit while maintaining a healthy relationship with your studies, friends and family requires dedication and discipline to be successful.

Is community service required?

Performing community service is always a healthy and helpful pursuit. More specifically we are looking for the pro-active contributions students make to others in the school community every day. Encouragement, mentoring, and positive actions on behalf of fellow students, faculty and educators across the HWRHS community.

How much is the scholarship worth?

Ah, that’s a surprise!

Do I have to use it for college tuition?

Yes. The purpose of this scholarship is to ease the burden of college tuition.

If I defer a year of college, can I defer the scholarship until the following year?

Yes. Please notify Gabe’s Fund in writing.

When will the recipient receive the scholarship funds?

Award recipients will receive the scholarship funds once their first semester grades have been submitted. Recipients are asked to mail a copy of first semester grades to Gabe’s Fund, 8 Larch Row, Wenham, MA 01984.

Are there any expectations after receiving the award?

Do well in college. Remember to write that thank you note your parents are on you about. We would love to have you back the following November for Gabe’s Run to introduce you to the community that has generously donated the resources to award this scholarship.

Do I need to run in Gabe’s Run in order to be eligible?

No. However we hope you decide to join us anyway.

Do I have to write an essay?

No. You have enough on your plate as it is.