In August 2008 Gabriel Pacione’s life was cut short by a tragic accident. Gabe had many aspirations, and was days away from realizing his dream of joining a world-class academic community at Dartmouth College, where he would further his passion for learning and athletic competition at the highest collegiate level.

Many people knew Gabe. He was hard to miss. Day-glo colors, floppy hair and a trademark smile. Many knew him as a successful high-school distance runner. Gabe was a three-season athlete, who was proud to represent both Hamilton-Wenham and the Cape Ann League in state and regional competition. While his athletic exploits garnered most of the press, it was his ability to reach out and befriend competitors that had a profound and enduring effect.

Gabe loved his team. The results and records speak for themselves. He loved the camaraderie of his teammates and the fun they had with other Cape Ann League runners. He loved the thrill of competition as much as making new friends. His coach Steve Sawyer remarked, "Running and Relationships, that's what Gabe was all about.